Blacktown is one of the biggest in New South Wales and is currently among the very Multi-cultural areas in Sydney. It is located thirty four km west of Sydney CBD. Its population is around 300 000 and growing. Blacktown is a developing areas of Sydney and it is estimated that the population will reach 500 000 by This is the market of Blacktown NSW2020. The population consist of a multi-cultural background. Families come from all areas of the globe mainly India, China, Philippines and local Australians. They all live in harmony with one another.

Most resident is Blacktown works in the surrounding areas, some travel to the CBD for work everyday. Transport facilities are easily available. Commuter can catch the train or buses. Trains and buses run frequently, making transport reliable. Most people use their car to travel back and fourth to work. If you are more environment conscious, we encourage you to use public transport as they are frequent and reliable.


The shopping centre is locaSwimming pool in Blacktown Cityted at Westpoint, where the main business district is found. Plenty of additional shops are in the surrounding areas, making life convenient for shoppers and the residents. The megacentre is very popular among young people. Each Sundays the market opens early in the morning. Farmers, fisherman and milk producers gather to sell their organic products to the population. Good organic fruits and vegetables are produced by Blacktown local farmers. The next greatest market that you can find in NSW is approximately 13 min drive at Parklea.

There is also an aquatic and recreational centre that provides daily activities for the community. People can have access to gyms for exercise and workout. The gyms provide educational sessions on a regular basis to help promote health and happiness of the populations. A newly opened centre Emerton Leisure centre offers a variety of fitness program and encourages participation of the community.

The Art centre is a visual and artistic centre that showcase the best talents and artist in the Western Sydney area. They run various exhibitions and workshops at Blacktown art centre. It is located 10 mins drive from Parramatta. A variety of events such as Art and literature, movies, drawing, sculpture can be admired.


If you are more of a chill person, then other activities such as Knitting is likely for you. Every Sunday a group of women meet up in Blacktown to interact and show their knitting skills. This group provides fun social interaction outside their family and work responsibility. Most of the knitting work are dedicated to charity. The community in Blacktown is generous and donates materials and needles that are used for knitting.

Blacktown Sydney shopping mall

Next to the train station is located the Showground Precinct. It is a beautiful and peaceful place to visit. The showground is commonly used for huge events, during summer is transformed into a walking and recreational areas for bush walking. Travelers can enjoy a nice walk along the park. Native plants and seed have been introduced to the areas to create a beautiful environment.