What is a marketing plan?

A marketing plan is a written document or draft on the basis of which marketing activities in an enterprise or organization are carried out and monitored. It presents a map of the path for marketing activity in a given period of time in the future. The marketing plan contains detailed strategies and marketing programs designed to achieve goals in a particular market so that it is the main instrument for streamlining and coordination of marketing activities.

A marketing plan serves a number of purposes

post2bprovides a “roadmap” for implementing the strategy of the company and achieving goals, helps in controlling supervision and monitoring the implementation of the strategy, informs the new participants in the plan about their roles and specifies the resource allocation methodology, stimulates thinking and improves the use of resources, assigns responsibilities, tasks and timetable to participants. aware of problems, chances, and threats

 Types of marketing plans

Marketing plans can be classified according to the subject, including the time span they cover, and the strategic focus.

According to the subject, we distinguish marketing plans for:

– strategic business units

– product lines

– individual products or brands

– individual marketspost2a

According to the time period that they cover, we can divide our marketing plans into:

– short-term

– in the medium term

– long-term

Short-term marketing plans cover a period of one year or shorter. Medium-term plans are usually created for a period of two to five years. Marketing plans that span over periods of more than five years is long-term plans. These plans sometimes cover periods of debt and twenty years. Long-term plans are relatively rare. However, as the marketing environment is constantly changing and business decisions become more complex, profitability and survival increasingly depend on the development of long-term plans.

According to the strategic focus, we can divide marketing plans into:

– Strategic

– Tactics

– operational

Strategic marketing plans include long-term and medium-term development marketing plans, tactical ones include annual and project marketing plans, while operational ones include quarterly and monthly marketing plans.

 Elements of a marketing plan

The marketing plan usually contains the following elements:

– Summary

– Description of the company

– Vision and mission of the companypost2c

– Description of the project

– Analysis of the situation

– Marketing goals

– Marketing strategies

– Marketing program

– Marketing budget

– Organization

– Plan realization

Control of the implementation of the plan

However, the general methodology should not be viewed as a rigid rule that must be strictly observed. It is precisely the flexibility that represents the most important assumption for making a successful and purposeful marketing plan. The content and scope of the marketing plan, as well as the emphasis on certain of its elements,  should be adapted to the needs of the particular situation. This means that there will be differences between marketing plans for manufacturing and utility companies, between plans for companies from different industries, between plans for small and large enterprises, etc. In other words, the methodology should only be understood as the starting point to be shaped in accordance with the needs and subject matter.